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Chinese New Year Craft



The Chinese New Year starts with the falling of new moon on the first day of New Year the celebration goes on till fifteen days and ends again with the fall of new moon fifteen days later.
On this February 18, 2007, Celebrate Chinese New Year with the ideas given below:

Crawl Snake: On this New Year enjoy your day by making a long circle creepy snake by taking following list of items; scissors, glue stick, construction paper and your creative imagination.

Chinese Dragon: Make your dragon booster by your imagination. You can make it of any shape and size, for dressing your dragon use dark colored rough fabrics of your choice. You are free to use jewels and sequins on the dragon’s dress. This craft project needs following list of items; Ribbon, glue, red scrap, bells,pom pom balls, black and yellow paints and a paint brush, 2 wiggle eyes, hole punch, scissor and egg cartons.

Hanging Lantern: On this New Year you can make paper lanterns and decorate your home for evening parties. You can make it more eye-catching by hanging different colored lanterns in and around your home. You will need following list of items for making your lanterns; scissor, glue, shallow tape, construction paper, pencil, measuring scale, stapler and glitter.

New Year Cracker: You can make firecracker by using toilet tissue paper and some other items like, rubber band, yarn, paint and paintbrush, toilet paper roll, construction paper. You are free to input your creativity in making your firecracker.
Much awaited New Year is on your threshold enjoy it by using your own creativity and imaginations. Decorate your lovely home by making wonderful hand made crafts with some easily available things.

Child Craft



Country Crafts store is ideal for all class of shoppers, whether you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home, garden or workplace, or looking for ideal decorating products Country Crafts has a good range of giftware selection. Many Country Crafts products are also sold online. A large variety of products offered at this store, are discussed as follows:

Shabby Chic Items:

White wash decoration is very popular nowadays; products such as votives, flowers, hooks, birdhouse and many chic items come under shabby chic items.

Glass wares:

Country Crafts has a good range of glass products in its stocks as beautifully painted glass pour, jars and bottles, plates, pitchers, votives, drinking glasses etc, these pieces of glasses are hand painted and easy to hold.

Tin ware:

The Country Crafts stores have a good range of hand painted tin ware products including tubs, water bottles and cans in beautiful garden colors. Many of Country Crafts products have been featured in famous movie “11:14”.
India Crafts offers detail information on Country Crafts and information on other necessary details regarding Country Crafts.

Christmas Craft


Every year from November onwards it becomes impossible to forget that Christmas is approaching. Colored light start decorating many city centre and shops along with shiny decorations and artificial snow. People start decorating ‘Christmas trees’ also with lights and Christmas ornaments. These days, many more people also decorate garden trees or house walls with colored electric lights, and also with the handmade Christmas crafts.

On this occasion you can decorate your home with some handmade Christmas crafts, which are very easy to make. There are ample numbers of Christmas crafts with the help of which you can decorate your home. Some of them are discussed bellow:

Christmas Star Ornament:

You can get this star ornaments making materials around the house, like cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. On the surface of this Christmas craft you can put some beads, buttons, jewels, and other decorative items. In the market you can find variety of star shaped Christmas crafts, but making them on your own makes them something very special.

Christmas tree Craft:

You can make Christmas tree by using ice cream cones. You can cover the entire cone with green frosting and then you can decorate it with candy and toppings. This is the most essential Christmas craft which you can place beside the original Christmas tree of your home or any other place.

Paper Flower Craft:

You can make some beautiful and colorful flowers by using different kinds or decorative papers. This Christmas craft you can give to some body as a Christmas gift.

Arts and Crafts Furniture


If you are planning to decorate your home with arts and crafts furniture then you can go for a complimentary mix of antique and modern furniture and art. In your assembled collections of furniture you can keep some of your repaired and restored furniture without sacrificing original coating and finish. In the market you will find fine highly payable arts and crafts furniture by famous designers. You can also find some anonymous pieces by unknown craftspeople of the past.

You can finish the furniture to any specification, but the best finish is that of Tung oil. It is an entirely natural finish which is heat and water-resistant. This can be improved over the years by regular application of fine beeswax. This will create a deep and warm coat, which is the specialty of the fine antique furniture.

Indian craftsmen have managed to preserve the tradition of Indian arts and crafts furniture, along with innovations and experiments. The obvious outcome is a unique and diverse collection of furniture. For example we may say that, since 19th century south India was famous for Ebony wood arts and crafts furniture but with the passing phase of time Ebony wood has become rare and now, Rosewood fulfilled the role of its immediate replacement in the south Indian arts and crafts furniture.

Indian arts and crafts furniture includes many regional specialities, but among the many Rajasthani and Gujrati furniture are fabulous with arts and crafts point of
view. In these arts and crafts furniture you can find traditional designs and motifs painted in colors that are very traditional. Here you can find

* Small chairs and table
* Stools
* Boxes
* Cabinets
* Photo frames and many more.

Although these are very traditional in style but still, you can place this furniture done craftily at your home with some modern stuff to create a fusion in your home décor.

To find more information on arts and crafts furniture, visit our site India Crafts.

Craft Magazine



A craft magazine is actually a guidebook on crafts.Craft magazine provides you information on various kinds of craft products, the availability of those craft products, about the prices, material, present status, and last but not the least is the instructions to make those crafts. With the help of these guide line you can make craft objects whatever you like. If you find it hard to choose what craft will you make, then this is the craft magazine which can simply encourage you to take up the most difficult project with its positive style of writing. This makes you believe that you can create wonderfully creative craft products of your choice.

In the market you can find different kind of craft books. Each craft book deals with different craft products.

Some craft books related to different craft products are mentioned below

* Candle Making Craft Magazine
* Mother’s Day Craft Magazine
* Ceramic Craft Magazine
* Paper Craft Magazine
* Christmas Craft Magazine
* Wood Craft Magazine and many more.

Art of the Cherokee

Susan Power the author of the craft magazine appropriately examines the role of Cherokee in the Indian art and offers a significant contribution to an understanding of Cherokee cultural traditions. By compiling available text and blending it with her own far-reaching research, Power draw out a very approachable balance in her writing. Her efforts will enhance your knowledge of the Cherokee’s creativity.

Indian Crafts & Lore

This magazine offers the classic Ben Hunt work filled with easy to do craft projects.

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