1. wire
2. Thick Thread (Doori)
3. Jute Thread
4. Jute
5. Gum
6. Sissier
7. Mirror Size 1 1/2 X 2 feet
8. Hard board 2 X 2 1/2
9. Sorgo


1. Put the glue on the hard board and paste the mirror in the centre of the hardboard.
2. Make 5 long tales of jute thread.
3. Arrange and paste the jute tales one by one on the hardboard with glue.
4. Make flowers by wire and jute.
Flower Making
1. Make a leaf with wire. 8” inches
2. Then adjust this leaf on the jute by glue. Cute the extra jute from wire. Now paste the glue on the extra jute and turn the extra pices of the jute on the wire.


3. Put the thick thread on the leaf shown in the picture.
4. Make 5 leafs of shape 1 using same method, arrange it, tie them using wire shown in the above picture.
5. Put the Red Chillies in the center of the flower. Make some big an small flower. big has 5 leafs and small has 3 leafs.
6. Make long leaf using 10” inches wire using shape 2.
Arrange Flowers and leafs on the mirror

Now arrange and paste the leafs and flowers on the side of the mirror shown in the picture.
Arrange the leafs with the flowers with glue.
now fill the empty spaces between the flowers and leafs with Sorgo.
Put some gliter on the seads and color the red chillies with golden dust.