Tools and accessories


  • Air drying clay (Ceramic, Italian, Flexy, Porcelain). Similar to the modeling clay for children.
  • Oil paint, Food Color, Poster Color etc (which is suitable for your dough)
  • noodle machine OR rolling pin
  • cutters
  • Petals moulds
  • metallic wire
  • Cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue), latex glue
  • floratape
  • a few tools : wire cutter, cissors, brushes …
  • Hereafter the explanation with pictures to make a Frangipany flower …





Color the clay

The clay is colored with oil painting.

coloration argile


Make a clay strip

Put clay between two plastic films

bande argile etape 1


… and flatten it between the rolls of the noodle machine.

bande argile etape 2


Use Rolling Pin


Cut the petals

Use the cutter to cut the petals.

decoupage des petale


Print the vein on the petals

Press the petals on the resin mold to obtain the veins.

nervurage petale


Bend the petals

mise en forme des petale 


Put the petals to dry

Put the petals on towel. Put the towel on an egg box to give a curved shape to the petals.

sechage des petale


Make the stem holding the petals

Put clay on a metallic wire …

tige petale etape 1


… then smooth the clay.

tige petale etape 2


Paint the petals

peinture petale


Glue the stem under the petals

collage tige petale


Gather the petals

Use Floratape to attach them.

assemblage petales


Make the stem of the flower

Cover the metallic wires with clay …

  tige fleur etape 1


and to finish add a little bit of green clay.

tige fleur etape 3 fleur de frangipanier