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Bread Dough Recipe

Bread Dough Recipe



  • 2 Bread Slices

  • 2tbs white glue

  • 2 Transparent Bags

  • Oil or Vaseline.

Take 2 Slices of Bread,grind it well

Make bread crumb, you can use your hands also.. .

Now put it in the transparent Bag.

Add 2 tbs white Glue and mix well 

(If necessary, put oil on your hands come to mix well with hands.)

Now move in another transparent Bag

Your Dough has been completed.

Now enjoy it…..

Clay Peas



By Atiya Shah


Fake Pound Cake

Fake Pound Cake

You can Alternatively use any clay/dough like salt dough, bread dough, porcelain dough, ceramic dough etc……

Fake Cone Cone Ice Cream

Fake Food Ice Cream Cone

Tools materials:

Dark brown polymer clay
Light brown polymer clay
Tool with flat edge
Tool with bumpy sides (for the cone detail)

Step-by-step directions for:
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
1. Make a small ball of brown clay. Roll the ball until its smooth and it is about ½ inch thick.


2. Roll out a small ball of light brown clay.

3. Push one side of the ball onto a hard surface. Create a triangular shape out of the clay. Roll and pinch as needed.

4. Using  knife, cut off the rounded edges.

5. Roll light brown clay on surface that resembles cone marks

6. Roll brown clay around rough surface. I use sandpaper.

7. Push down on edges of ice cream all the way around.

8. Attach light brown ice cream and dark brown ice cream.

Attach jewelry rings to make into charms for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Photo Frame (texture work)

Photo Frame (texture work)

(By Atiya Fateh)
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