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Clay Peas



By Atiya Shah


Photo Frame (texture work)

Photo Frame (texture work)

(By Atiya Fateh)

Bad Looking Switch Board

Bad Looking Switch Board

Fill all empty places with Glue or Plaster of Paris

  • Take paper napkin (kind of tissue easily available at stores in various designs)
  • cut it according the size of your board.
  • Apply white glue on whole switch board except switches.
  • paste paper napkin on board with very soft hand.

cut extra paper napkin with cutter but very gently.

now apply glue brush on whole board, don’t leave bubbles, glue should spread properly specially on edges.

After drying spray lacquer on whole area, clean switches with thinner or nail clr remover.

Final Look

(By Atiya Fateh)

Table cover with Fabric Painting

Simple Table Cover


  • Take any Cotton or slightly thick fabric any of your desired colour (Size according to your table)

  • Trace any design or free hand drawing, but don’t apply design with little objects, see picture below

  • Start colouring with big object, you can use any fabric colours, I’m using Pearl Colours.

  •  Here i completed colouring Flowers

  •  Now give shade with light hand brush strokes 

  • After Colouring whole cloth, let it dry completely or over night, then iron it for 10 to 15 minutes, its necessary otherwise colours will remove after every wash.

Final Look


By Atiya Fateh


Hanging Flower Basket

flat your dough with the help of rolling pin

Cut *8 strips, 4 about 5inches and 4 about 4inches

paste strips with the help of water dipped brush

Put your hand made Flowers and Leaves (with help of water brush)

After completing your basket put it in the pre heated oven until it become hard.

After baking let it cool completely in room temperature and start colouring 

you can use acrylic, fabric and poster colours

but don’t forget to spray  lacquer or varnish on your project.

 Final Look


By Atiya Fateh


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