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Beautiful Baskets

salt dough basket

Hanging basket


Simple Basket

When the dough is nice and smooth, use a rolling pin to roll it out until it is a little thicker than a pie crust. Make sure you sprinkle a little flour on your surface so the dough won’t stick.
Next you will use either a pizza wheel or butter knife to cut strips of dough about 1/2” wide. (If you are using a larger dish for forming your basket, you can make the strips a little wider.)
Line your oven proof dish with aluminum foil then begin to basket weave the strips using the dish as a “mold” for the shape. Once you have that done, put a strip all around the edge of the dish, pinching the dough together to look like a pie crust edge.



When the baking is done and the basket has cooled, remove it from the bowl. You can now use the acrylic paint to dress it up. Once the paint is dry, be sure to varnish it to make it last.

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