Embossed Foil Craft

Today I am with you,

with totally a different craft project…

A project of Foil Work,

embossed the foil and work on it

it is with some hard foil sheet which I embossed

first and than colour it with different medium.

Its bit time taking project but the results are surprising.

We can start it with …

We need a stenciled type pattern, red carbon paper,

a ball pen or pencil and obviously the foil sheet as per the 

measurement of your pattern and yes 

a cardboard sheet of final required size.

(If  you dint have tools you can use any rounded surface thing like back side of  pen or brushes etc)

a tool is easily available in the market for embossing the foil

but here I used my old make up brushes.

Red carbon paper is not as much required in this project, 

but I want to tell you if ever you want to trace on foil, either on 

foil sheet or kitchen foil, it is only Red Carbon Paper which

can work on it. Now you can see 

I taped the pattern on the foil and just trace the pattern 

with a blunt ball point and because of the pressure 

you applied on pattern the trace will appear like this, 

as shown below

Now you have the clear pattern on your foil sheet.

At this we start embossing with the backside of the brushes.

Always try to start your work from the middle, 
so first I embossed the petals of flowers.
With a soft hand use the round tip slowly in the petals and 
after some strokes a curve will appear in the petals.
Do it until you feel a required curve is appeared.
Now from the backside which is originally the front side, 
it appears like this.
Here it is the complete pattern embossed on the foil.
To make these curves solid I used POP, (plaster of paris),
dissolve some POP with white glue and water and 
fill the gaps equally and let them dry, 
better to leave it over night.
Now it is rock hard and stick strongly in the gaps of your 
embossed petals.
Spread white glue on the edges of the card board, 
and some strokes in the middle. 
Use the smooth surface for the front.
Now place your foil under the cardboard.
(remember it should be in the middle)
And fold from each side and press firmly the edges specially.
So its your final result of embossing the foil. 
Now it is completed,
and set for the next step i.e painting
Here are several ways to paint or polish it…
 You can apply permanent ink with a cotton fabric on the foil,
the next option is simple show polish in your desired colour,
and the third option is glass paints
It is the result of  Brown shoe polish, 
I used it with a simple shoe polish brush, 
this will give it an antique look. 
After 12 hours you can apply transparent lacquer on it,
it will save it and give a bit shiny look.
And it is with glass paints,
first I applied paint on the pattern and 
then give it a light  shade background of that same colour.

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