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Step 1: Using a side stitch for the centres.

Step 2: Make 2 more ribbon stitches for the outer
petals, just slightly shorter length than the centre.

Step 3: The stem is tightly twisted ribbon as in the iris.
next add some leaves.

Using a hand dyed ribbon, the colours can be changed as you progress to the
outer petals. Even to the point that the ribbon can be cut into sections, so
you have the variance in colour needed at each step.

Hint: By placing for eg. a toothpick or thin crochet hook over the ribbon stitch,
wrapping the ribbon over the toothpick and pulling through, the ribbon is slightly raised and has more curl for the tip of the petal. ( also prevents the ribbon from pulling too tight )

I have had to work this in a 7 mm ribbon to show the detail in the photos.
Believe me it looks a lot better in 4 mm. ribbon.
As above if using 4 mm. ribbon, use a spare needle to shape around the ribbon.

Simply constructed in Ribbon Stitch, the effect of the petals are changed by
using Side Ribbon Stitch. Instead of taking the needle through the centre of
the ribbon, place the eye of the needle on the left or right seam of the ribbon.
As the needle is pulled through the ribbon curls toward the entry point, thus
giving the petal a slight rolled edge. As with Iris the leaves are stitched in the
same manner. With a fold, curled, straight, or twisted.

Lavender in Silk Ribbon

Step 1: Mark out a simple design as below, these
are then worked in Stem Stitch with 2 strands of
 embroidery thread.
Step 2:  The flower heads are created in this instance with
4 mm. Cascade House Silken Ribbon 5300
Ribbon Stitch beginning at the tip of the stalk and working
 backwards up the stem.  Have the hoop with the flower tip closest to you.
Step 3:  Each Ribbon Stitch is made at a slight angle, loose
and full ( not flat on the fabric ) .
 This is acheived by making a larger petal than required
 and then pushing it back to give a slight rise in the ribbon
The Petals can be coming from each side of the
Stem Stitch Branch, but in this example I have
taken some across the stitching and then
the alternate stitch is tucked in under it.
I feel this makes it appear more dimensional
and hides some of the stem.
after all you would not see all the stem in the real flower.
I prefer to alternate the stitches rather than working
down one side and then the other.
Step 4:   Embroider all the flower heads, keeping them
as uniform in size as possible.
Step 5:  Add Ribbon Stitch Leaves as shown.

in 4 mm.

Step 6:  An option is to add a Bud with Ribbon Stitches overlapping
and a few green leaves at the base.


Ribbon Rose

First, you should embroider 5 lines as shown on Febric.

Pull the ribbon through the hole

then circle  as shown.

Hide and fix the end of ribbon. It’s done.


Ribbon Embroidry



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