Ceramic Dough


Making dough flower is a very interesting hobby.
Its not difficult to make . You can make it easily at home.
Ceramic dough is easy in making, and ceramic dough flowers looks very beautiful. It’s made by hands and there is no need of cooking it.


  • German white Glue        1/2       Cup
  • Corn flour                              1            Cup
  • Cold cream(tibbet)
  • Or Petroleum Jelly                 little quantity
  • ———————————————————–
  1. Mix German glue & corn flour very well until it become flexible.
  2. Apply cold cream(little quantity) on your hands for avoiding stickiness.
  3. Save it in thick shopping bag.



1. Ceramic powder         1 cup

2. Ceramic glue                1 cup

3. Petroleum jelly           1 teaspoon

4. White poster colour   ¼ teaspoon


  1. Mix all the things very well except poster colour, by your hands about 40 min.
  2. When the dough looks smooth, mix the poster colour in it very well.
  3. After that keep it in a plastic bag for 1 day.
  4. Mix any colour in it and use it.

You can refrigerate it for 2 weeks.

Mix Wter tube color, Poster color, Food color, Acralic color before making flowers in desired quantity.